SMS for Business

Did you know… A text message is read in less than 90 seconds of being received!
An Email takes over 18 minutes to be seen, and that is if it is not trapped in spam!

So how do you get a quick response from your customers?

Whether you’re a local garage sending personalised MOT reminders or a dentist booking those check-ups, our online SMS marketing platform is your perfect way to stay in-touch.

Packed with cutting-edge tools that let you add colour, content and personalisation to your SMS campaigns, you can even send attachments such as PDF, Word, and Images all from text – and SMS!

Create one-off messages or regular campaigns, you can decide. With send-scheduling and staggered delivery options, you can control your call to action and reap the benefits of your mobile SMS marketing.


Use the online portal or integrate with your CRM System – we cater for all needs and can interact with all manner of applications to streamline your services.

Contact Centre
Upload and store your contacts in one place. Import data, map fields and save – it’s that easy. Within 3 minutes you can be up and running, sending highly targeted and engaging messages.

Full GDPR safeguards with user opt-out in place, make sure that you only send to people who have given their permission – we record these too, giving you a full audit trail.

Monitor performance and results with our detailed SMS reporting
Tracking the results of your outbound online SMS campaigns helps to develop and improve the way that you communicate with your list going forward.

Our online SMS platform enables you to: Get detailed reporting on deliveries, see all of the contacts opting out of your messages, and track who clicks on your campaign links.

How your business could use SMS:

  • Customer Reviews!! Massive for any business • Appointment confirmation • Customer service updates • Vouchers and offers • Event booking • Deliveries • NEW product launches • Promotions / advertising • Membership renewals • Alerts and Warnings • Send direct to your customers pocket! Marketing does not get better than that

Pick you perfect package

SMS Beginner – 500 Credits per month = £39 + VAT
SMS Builder – 1000 Credits per month = £79 + VAT
SMS Advanced – 2000 Credits per month = £139 + VAT
SMS Premium – 5000 Credits per month = £299 + VAT

and the best thing … all your unused monthly credits roll on and on and on.

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