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We provide great internet support, reliable connectivity and our experience allows us to offer a diverse mix of services to meet your needs.

Whether you are an SME, a large scale organisation with offices across the UK or even a business operating in a remote location, Saecom can provide you with super-fast connections and unlimited broadband which is essential for a successful business. If you are located in rural areas with limited availability, Saecom will find solutions to ensure you are connected to your customers.

The world of broadband can be confusing but Saecom explore broadband providers to identify the best product for your business. This could be a dedicated leased line (private connection) Fibre connection such as FTTP, SOGEA or FTTC and even 4G/5G remote connections.

With so many acronyms in telecoms – we thought we would help explain a few for you:

Fibre broadband offers faster and more reliable speeds than ADSL broadband. If you use the internet to download data, stream videos, use voice and video services and web browsing then Fibre broadband is more likely to suit your business.

FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet): This is where fibre optic cables run from the telephone exchange to the telecoms cabinet on the street.

SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access). Delivers 80/20 fibre broadband to an office or home office WITHOUT the need for a traditional phone line installed. 

FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises): This is where the fibre optic cables run directly from the exchange to your premises. FTTP provides the fastest speeds and is the most reliable and efficient service.

G. Fast – G.Fast is the latest ultrafast broadband technology with download speeds of up to 330Mbps – more than 10 times the UK national average! Downloading a typical HD film only takes seconds. The great thing about G.Fast is that it uses existing infrastructure and gets high speeds from just a regular copper wire. This means that G.Fast can take over where there is currently ADSL or standard FTTC.

By giving you a stable, secure internet connection, you’ll be able to carry out your business transactions quickly and more cost-effectively. What’s more, you’ll benefit from our superior customer service and round-the-clock helpline.

Is 4G Mobile Broadband for you? Our latest Broadband in a Box can help
Is your business in a temporary premises or are you always on the move? Check out Broadband in a Box.


We have been with Saecom for many years and always had excellent service. With our need to move to new office – Steve advised us of the best options, which now was to upgrade to VOIP. WOW! We moved just before the Covid pandemic and now we are able to work from home safely yet keep in-touch with our clients.

Thanks to Steve and the team for helping our business run smoother and saving us money at the same time.

Paul Skilton
DC Financial Limited

Creative Director

We had standard Broadband with Saecom but needed a faster connection as our team grew and there was more demand on the service.

We spoke to Saecom and upgraded to Super-Fast Fibre. The switch over was seamless and we are now able to do things so much quicker online.

Any questions about our Broadband services? Get in touch with us today and our expert team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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