Do you have the right technology in place for agile working?

With the right technology, you can keep your business moving forward.
It’s no secret that working remotely has been one of the biggest productivity boosts of the last 2 years.

The number of remote workers in the world has increased by 79% over the past 5 years, and even with the main pandemic over, think tanks are still predicting it will continue to rise.
And a UK GOV study in early 22, suggests that employees who work from home are 14% more productive than those who actually work from the office.

In addition, with Covid-19 still prevalent, this has radically altered the manner in which individuals want to work and will work. Consequently, regular office based work will never really be the same again.

So now, it is important to figure out how to optimise the situation and make sure remote workers are being as effective as they can be. This means using the best technology for all your communication purposes.

From providing business grade internet connections to your home workers, to cloud integration of comms and data – evaluations across all areas of the business are essential.

When it comes to virtual meetings, flexible work arrangements, and unified communication systems, Saecom is your Welsh solution provider.
Through our custom and flexible solutions, we deliver cost-effective technology – voice, mobile, and connectivity, to help your employees and customers work even more effectively together.

But what are the major benefits for employees and employers?

  • Consolidates communications – all using one cohesive platform
  • Simplify collaboration – using now standard industry tools
  • Free up IT budget – expensive equipment and upgrades are now not required in workplaces
  • Break down barriers – open comms, sharing
  • Think outside the office – Instead of being shackled to the desk – you are now free to develop more connections
    With hours saved travelling, more physical work is being done, therefore productivity has increased. We may have lost certain office interactions that might help run a business but we lost more of the bad, that stopped it running efficiently.Are you struggling with home workers complaining about poor broadband and reduce comms? Then let Saecom provide a free business audit to get you back on track.

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