You may have heard the words ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ and think that YES, I am doing all I can to help. But with more and more people realising that we only have one Earth, there has been a much bigger push to recycle and reduce waste especially in the technology sector.

Businesses are now offering consumers green and sustainable products.
From your electricity, to your reusable plastic straws and from trainers made of recycled plastic bottles to benches made of old CDs.

So what can Saecom do, to help you get greener?
Businesses are discovering that being an environmentally conscious company is good for the planet and the bottom line.

You can start by changing to a green or sustainable office. Operate your business in such a way that you reduce your overall impact on the environment, and by doing so, this will make a real difference.

And you can start that journey by:

Go Digital. Do you still print meeting agendas and previous minutes? Distribute these documents via email. This will not only save paper, but also expensive printer ink which now is more expensive than GOLD by the oz.

Turn off equipment at Night. When you leave at the end of the day, turn off equipment that is not critical – the photocopier, the water machine, Bob’s Screen! this is list is long!!

Look at buying recycled equipment rather than new. Amazing companies like are making it possible to still have cutting edge technology but with a greener foot print.

Turn off the aircon, and open a window! Air con cost over 30% of a companies electricity bill in the summer.

And remember, do the little things, as 1 + 1 is 2 and soon get you to 100.

Yes, big ideas help, but if we all did the little things….. that would become one big green thing!

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