Why you need to integrate your VOIP Phone platform and your CRM
A CRM plays an integral part in many businesses. But, imagine if you could link your CRM with another of your business’ key tools… your phone system.

With a Saecom VOIP platform you can do just do that.
Integrating your phone system with your CRM allows you to save time every call, greet callers more personally as well as the amazing click to dial for repetitive tasks.

So how does the CRM Integration work for Inbound Calls
When you receive an inbound call, your system will automatically search your database for the phone number. When it finds a match, it’ll notify you (before they’ve even picked up the phone) with the name of the caller / popup. Most CRMs then allow you to click one button to instantly open the caller’s file.

3 MAJOR reasons your business needs CRM integration:

Save Time Each Call
Save an average of 15 to 25 seconds every inbound call. Know who is calling before you have even picked up the phone just gets you ready to help even quicker

Provide A More Personal Caller Experience
With their name and details in front of you, welcome your callers in a more personable manner. Greet them by name, wish them a good morning or afternoon and ask questions that relate to their relationship with your business. If they have a booking coming up, ask if the time is suitable for them. If they haven’t visited in a long time, ask if they’d like to make an appointment. Make their entire call experience bespoke for them.

Improve efficiency with Click To Dial
Instead of typing out a client’s number to make a call, just click on it on your PC. With our integration, you can click on any number in a CRM, email or website and it will automatically start dialling from your business phone. Not only does this save time but also reduces the risk of typing out numbers incorrectly.

If your business is looking to improve its productivity, provide better customer service or both, switching to a phone system with CRM integration automatically does all of this legwork.

Book your free demo with Saecom today – and upgrade your phone system to work for you!

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