Saecom provide their VOIP customers with free local, national and UK mobile calls. So when a charge is made on your bill for a phone call at your business – it is worth taking a quick look.

It may be a premium call – or a number that charges, it maybe an overseas call to a supplier or customer too, but there are ways to ensure that only certain members of your team have access to do this – you don’t want a free for all that could land you with a big bill!!

Built-in to the latest Saecom VOIP platform is Call Checker.
We are able to control and by each user, who they can call. Nifty!

So lets say the sales team can call the UK but no International numbers, yet the tech team need to speak with suppliers in China – no problem. Each user can be set to ensure they only call, who you want them to call.

By a simple click of a YES / NO button you have control over National, International, 44 Route, 119, 111, 09 Premium, 08 Numbers, 070 Follow Me, 03 Numbers and 10 Digit Numbers.

We can even set this up, so users have to use a special PIN number when they need to make one of these calls, again controlling your call costs.

Nobody wants to have unnecessary call charges and at Saecom, we make sure that you have the tools to control just that.

Your account manager also monitors your bill for any charges outside of your contract – so you can be assured that we are looking after not just your system but your pocket too!

Get your free demo on how you could be saving ££££ just click here or call us 01792 654000 today.

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