VOIP suppliers in Wales, and how to choose the right one

Why is that price so cheap?
In business as it is in life, you don’t get something for free. If you are willing to pay a price for a service or item that is below the competition – ask yourself how? What am I not getting compared to the others… in 9/10 cases it’s customer service and support.

Once you are signed up for your 24 or 36 month term … what now? When you have an issue, a fault or problem, and they will happen… how easy and quick will it get resolved?

When business critical services such as your Internet Connection, VOIP telephone and Mobile services are based on how cheap you can get it…. be prepared to lose money or even worse, your customers.

If each call into the business is worth £300 and you miss 10 calls due to an internet connection failure, that £3000 you have now thrown away is massive, compared to the extra £5 that a service with a reputable and customer centric company would have provided.

The old adage, “buy cheap and buy twice or thrice”, has changed to “Buy Cheap – Lose your reputation”. If you are letting your customers down – with so much choice available and with others constantly courting for their attention, be prepared to lose them. It has never been more important to ensure your Internet, VOIP and Mobile services are with the right company as more and more services move online or cloud based.

What to look out for and ask when you are searching for a VOIP provider in Wales

  • Make sure you choose a company that have customer service at their heart.
  • Speak to some of the existing customers and find out why they are good.
  • Make sure their suppliers are fully vetted and accredited.
  • Make sure you get a full demonstration of the VOIP service quoted (not all VOIP is the same!).
  • Make sure you can have the handsets and headsets you need on the platform.
  • What’s the customer response – SLA? When was their last outage?
  • What safeguards are in place? Redundancy and fail safes.

Saecom are a proud Welsh company that have been serving businesses across Wales for over 8 years with the full range of Telecom, VOIP and Communication services.

We are true believers in customer service & customer care, and from that we have built customer loyalty. Each one of our customers knows, that if there is an issue – one call and our team are working to resolve it – not placing their call into a ticketing queue and making them wait – like so many others do.

Make a positive change, join Saecom the VOIP experts and customer champions. Ensure your business is being well looked after now and into the future.

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