VOIP Setup and Training Essentials for a successful ISDN to VOIP transfer

You have had a great new VOIP system installed, and the business benefits are going to be massive!

But hang-on…. Who in the company is going to be able to ensure you use it, to its fullest advantage? and…. When you have had handset training, what about all those fancy features such as Call Recording, Voice Mail to Email and Hunt Groups? How can you make changes when needed?

Firstly, if you are asking these question – after the installation and go live – you are dealing with the wrong VOIP provider. Ensuring that the system is setup to your needs and specifications BEFORE you go live is essential for early adoption and user uptake. Yes, there maybe some teething problems to start with but getting the plan correct is vital.

Make sure that you have a training champion in place, a member of the team that they can go to, for the day to day operation and help on any questions they may have. This makes it easier to manage and help your teams.

Make sure that you receive as part of your new VOIP system, regular update training by the engineers for any new staff or of course a refresher for yourself.

Most systems are straight forward to use and when setup correctly you rarely need to change them but having that knowledge and able to make those changes is essential when needed.

As part of the Saecom service, we provide all our customers on our VOIP platform with a handheld approach that covers:

1) A tailored setup integration and installation plan

2) Training before and after going live

3) Handset data sheets and helpful videos

4) Full portal training to ensure you are trained and understand the system you have

5) Six monthly catchup / refresh training for staff that require it

6) Yearly system review and reporting to ensure that you are getting the best out of your investment

7) Regular contact when you need it for questions, help or advice

Before you look to upgrade your ISDN or VOIP platform, ensure you speak with Saecom – Wales premier VOIP providers and communication specialists based in Swansea.

Book your review here  or call us on 01792 654000 to find out how we can help you.

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