VOIP can be environmentally friendly against PBX and ISDN systems

We must all look to cut our carbon footprint, but businesses have a massive part to play in this both for well needed environmental benefits and of course the side plus benefit that can be achieved to help with their profit margins through reduced costs.

One of the over looked places which can have a real impact on reducing your companies energy foot print is your communications and upgrading to a VOIP telephone system.

So how does a VoIP system potentially reduce your energy use, and what should you do, to maximise your eco-print.

Reduction in travel – a basic one, but one of the most important and impactful. If you allow your staff to connect with customers and colleagues from anywhere in the world look at the extra carbon emissions from transport you can save the world in C02.

The  VoIP platform can allow your staff to communicate not only across multiple sites but also from home if they hybrid work. The increase with teams working from home reduced the vehicles on the road through commuting and reduces your bills as a company through reduction in utility costs.

Using the latest in New & Efficient VOIP Servers instead of an onsite PBX system  (that box on the wall) allows you to reduce your environmental impact.
The on-site system means the purchase and installation of expensive hardware. This will of course cost the business but also add to their energy footprint due to the manufacture and shipping of the new hardware and the power and transport of installation engineers.

But the benefit of a Saecom VOIP platform, is that we host for you which stops your company using expensive electrical energy to maintain the running of servers and due to the fact we have multiple servers and setups, we are able to run these more efficiently then a single user.

We invest in the use green energy and climate controlled environments that are more effective than a non IT business which reduces the overall energy being used to maintain and look after your VOIP platform.

VOIP is a very adaptable system and can be integrated into current hardware using the latest in software developments. This feature means many companies can user their original IP telephones and connect –  allowing for a quick change over from another system. Reusing existing hardware has a huge impact on the environment, it means energy isn’t directly used to create a new product and the original handsets are not thrown away into a landfill where it will take thousands of years to decompose.
Also, Using VOIP and internet services as a whole, reduces the use of paper products because the data can be stored online and there is a reduction in the need to print out.  Companies around the world still use fax and the use of fax over IP means there is no need to print off a document and then use a fax machine to send it. You can simply use your computer and see it all electronically.

Looking at all ways in your business to improve processes, reduce costs and reduce the carbon footprint can only be a positive step for you, your business, the plant and the children of tomorrow for whom we leave a legacy – through our actions today.

VOIP is not just an ISDN replacement – but can be used to play a vital part in CO2 reduction and your responsibility to you fellow man.

Upgrade to VOIP with Saecom based in Swansea, Wales today and start your green journey.


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