Accountants need strong communication skills to help ensure their clients make the smartest business decisions. But are their phone services just as strong? Enhance your communication with customers by ensuring that you are using the latest in technology with our VOIP phone system.

Advantages of Using VOIP in Accountancy
Accountants need a robust communication solution to help them manage and deliver accurate information for business performance, evaluation, and guidance. From exceptional customer service to providing agile working, teams collaboration, and enhanced productivity, with Saecom we ensure your VOIP phone system is working for you like a member of the team.

Ensuring that all crucial and relevant data is safe and secure. Our VOIP platform uses industry global standard encryption protocols and UK ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 for hosting and business continuity to provide total piece of mind.

Responding to a client call and inquiries in real-time either from your Desk Phone, Softphone on your PC/MAC/Laptop or taking it on the go via your Mobile App. The enhanced feature set of VOIP functions such as call routing, ring groups and call waiting enable accountants to answer client calls wherever they are.

With home and remote working, we tick those boxes too. Not only are your desk/softphone calls recorded but your mobile calls too, thus ensuring that if you are providing professional advice you are protected and adhering to the guidelines of your industry.
The Saecom VOIP platform can be integrated with applications that are used for billing, time tracking, and creating reports in real-time from the top 20 standard in the industry such as Xero, Sage and Sales force.

Using collaboration through an efficient communication system and mobility features such as instant messaging, mobile apps and call conferencing (including video conferencing), the Saecom VOIP phone system allows accounting firms to efficiently deliver clear and precise information to help support clients and decision makers.

Furthermore, VOIP’s ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can allow you to collect, store, manage, and retrieve vital customer information when the call comes in – giving you a real time screen pop – saving you time. And for those tasks that require repetitive calling, we have “click to dial” – just see a telephone number, click, and it dials for you…. Reducing errors and speeding up any task.

Can VOIP Reduce your costs – or even better – make you more profitable!
As VOIP uses your existing internet and computer network to make calls, along with utilising existing PC/MAC/Laptop or Mobile Phone – setup costs are virtually 0. Each user on the system has a license that gives them access to all those VOIP features, and all your local, national and mobile calls are free.

Just take a look at your phone bill and tell me that this wont save you money.

Book your free demonstration online today and see why Saecom are the trusted VOIP provide in Wales. or call us on 01792 654000.

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