Think with your Head(set) and improve your working day

We don’t often picture an Architect, a Solicitor or a professional using a headset – this is left in the land of Call Centres and Telesales operations…. But just think WHY NOT for a moment and the answer will become apparent.

The basics!
Studies have shown that by using a headset during a call to free up your second hand, you can improve productivity by up to 40%. That’s a significant number that can help with your busy work life and getting things done.

As more and more office workers are working from home, and don’t want an office handset in their home – a Bluetooth headset connected to their Laptop/PC/Mac via their VOIP platform is the ideal solution. They provide more freedom, more productivity, and more focus for employees who have to spend time on the phone. The Saecom VOIP system provides not only an office handset but also our Softphone for your computer and our mobile app for your phone so connecting that headset is quick and simple. 

There are a variety of benefits to using the right headsets in the office: 

Physical benefits
Positioning a phone between your ear and shoulder will cause back and shoulder pain, and result in bad posture. In some cases, employees may even suffer from repetitive strain injuries in the neck or shoulder. Headsets allow employees to sit up straight and relax their shoulders at all times – great for your wellbeing at your workstation.

Wireless headsets allow you to move away from your desk during a call if you need to find a file, grab a book, or answer the door. 

Noise-cancelling technology filters out 75% of background sounds which benefits both the employee and the person on the other end of the line, especially if working from home and you have others around you. A study found that over 69% of home/office workers believe that office noise negatively impacts on their productivity. This is a huge number of workers that could be more comfortable and more productive during their day.

Connects to your Office System and Mobile.
No need to take it off! With our headsets being able to connect to two devices at once, you can take a work call and seamlessly move to your mobile – it’s easy.

With a complete range of Headsets available for all budgets – improve your productivity, reduce back and neck ache and even hear clearer tones. Get ahead of your competition and connect your VOIP headset.

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