Saecom explain  – What is SOGEA?

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access and is an alternative delivery method for Fibre Broadband delivery in the UK.

Why and What is the need for SOGEA?
Well, from last year Openreach have started to withdraw the traditional phone line or as you might know it as a WLR and then switching them all off, in or around 2025.

Previously, nearly all broadband orders had to have a phone line to run ADSL or Fibre Broadband products into their home or business. With no phone line in place, then you had to have a line installed before you ordered your broadband.

But with SOGEA, Openreach now provide a single order version of Fibre – so  you do not have to install a traditional copper phone line. SOGEA Fibre Broadband includes an underlying version of a phone line in 1 order. Important to note though – you CANNOT use the line to make old style calls – with no telephone point socket – its for VOIP or internet use only.

The Benefits of SOGEA to you are:

It is more secure: The service is strictly a broadband only service. No phone calls can be made from a traditional phone because you cannot make phone calls from a SOGEA connection.

Quicker fix time on faults: You don’t investigate whether the phone line or the broadband is at fault when a problem arises. You now just investigate the one service if a problem arises.

More reliable. With no capacity for a traditional phone call to be made on a SOGEA service there is less interference with the broadband signal which means you have cleaner bandwidth and is better for VOIP telephone services.

In terms of Internet speeds, there is no difference from traditional FTTC connections so you can get 40/10mb, 80/20mb or SOGFast 160/ 30mb & 330/ 50mb.

To order your SOGEA Fibre connection with Saecom just click here and we will help you get the benefits today.

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