Saying goodbye to ISDN – the switch off is getting closer

Openreach announced more than 4 years ago, that they will be switching off their ISDN digital network by 2025. It started in 2020, and with no new ISDN connections available in most cities, you should be upgrading to VOIP now or at least starting to explore your communication needs and the options available to you.

For over 30 years ISDN has allowed for both data and voice to be delivered simultaneously, and these traditional lines are essentially the same as they were when the network was originally conceived and built. Now, as maintenance and running costs have steadily increased and are proving too high a running cost for continuing and to be commercially viable, Openreach have given them the last rites.

2025 may seem some time off, but we are now in 2021 and with a massive shift in working patterns in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, the move away from ISDN to VOIP has already been taken by many businesses.

So what is the best alternative to ISDN? Saecom recommend VOIP.

It gives you freedom
Using an available internet connection, you can log into your VOIP phone system, thus providing a level of flexibility that traditional phone lines simply can’t provide. Regardless of your location, if you have access to the internet, you’ll be able to connect with colleagues and customers anywhere, any time.

Greater flexibility
VOIP provides you with the opportunity to multi-task with a wide range of services, allowing you to greatly enhance your productivity. With features such as Mobile Applications, Call Recording, Auto Attendant, Free Calls, Number diversions, VOIP gives you the flexibility to work more dynamically and enhance your operational abilities. Additional features can also be added, to create a system that is completely tailored to the individual needs of your business including click to dial, CRM integration and so much more.

IP Devices – Handsets, Softphones, Apps and so much more…
With the latest in IP handsets and devices you can now have a powerful desk tool to help you, with your working day. Built in Video, Call screening, Company Directory, Door Entry, Bells and so much more, that gives you speed and access. Combined with your Mobile Apps you can call as if you are in the office – and all from your own mobile!

And it all grows with your business needs
Where traditional phone systems are difficult to scale due to line availability, system cards etc… VOIP grows with you but remains cost effective at all times. VOIP allows you to import your numbers and reduce the number of physical lines – only pay for what you need… With VOIP, 5 handsets means 5 lines, each handset is a line – giving you even greater performance at less cost.

You may think that upgrading to VOIP from ISDN is a daunting task, but with the correct partner working with you, access to a whole new world of communication is waiting for you. Upgrade to VOIP today and get your business 21st Century ready.

You can book your free VOIP demo with Saecom. Just click here.

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