Restart and Launch 2021 with Saecom – SMS Business Toolkit

We have all seen those email inboxes overflowing with message after message. We get so many updates, notifications, and special offers via email that it can be hard to get customers to open, the most important one….yours!

In 2020, the average open rate for emails was only about 20%. But do you know what people open 98% of the time? SMS or text messages.

Many businesses are now looking to the future and how they can get back to what they do best, when the Government finally role out the COVID-19 release plan.

Reconnecting with your customers and sharing the latest updates is a key part of the next phase, but don’t just take our word for it. To help customers prepare for the next step, we spoke with them to get a better insight into the hurdles businesses are facing.

And this is what they said……..

What’s clear from our results with those already utilising SMS, is that keeping your customers up to date is at the centre of getting back to what you do best. As a result, we’ve put together our Recovery SMS Business Toolkit.

The toolkit is designed to help businesses like yours keep customers in the loop as things change. As part of our toolkit, we’ve put together some helpful messaging tips from our team of experts:

• Build your customer lists – using an SMS keyword on a short number is great for building an opted-in list of customers in preparation for being open again. Share your chosen keyword on as many channels as possible for maximum exposure, social media, shop windows and websites. For example ‘text PROMO21 to 60999.’

• Spread the word – let your customers know that you’re back up and running with a bulk SMS send, making people aware of new opening hours. Update customers on changes to services or price lists by sending helpful attachments.

• Share the latest updates – businesses can also share how they’re planning to maintain the safety and health of staff and customers once the doors are open again. Providing customers with peace of mind.

• Launch a new offer – what better way to welcome back your customers than with an in-store exclusive offer? Send a mobile voucher or simple discount code to your customer base to help increase footfall and as a little thank you to those who’ve supported your business over the last few weeks.

• Start taking bookings – enable customers to register for an appointment or booking. By offering this service, you can also better manage the influx of calls and requests that will no-doubt flood in once your doors are open again.

These are just some examples of how SMS can help support your business to reconnect with customers at a time when it matters most.

Saecom are committed to helping you get back up and running by sending effective, results-driven SMS to your customers.

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