Would you replace your Desk phone with a Mobile App or PC/MAC Softphone instead

We don’t have to tell you about the rise and rise of remote working over the past 18 months – but what has made this transition easier…… a Mobile / Softphone brings all the functionality of a traditional desk phone onto your PC/MAC. So why not? And what are the benefits?

A physical desk phone that sits in your office will not help any agile employee who is offsite/remote for the day.

So with the introduction of VOIP across even more business in the UK, why not replace the desk phone?. A software apps gives you all of the functionality of a telephone onto a computer or mobile device. They’ll help your mobile employees stay connected to the office no matter where they are working.

Softphones: What are they?
Softphones are in a nutshell essentially, software-based phones. They accurately mimic a desk phone by presenting a phone interface on your computer. Complete with a standard dial-pad and all the call handling features you need (such as Mute, Hold, and Transfer). But since they operate on a computer, they are much more powerful than desk phones. A Softphone can also provide video calling and conferencing, visual voicemail management, chat and SMS capabilities, and more.

Softphones are available for all different devices and platforms. There are desktop applications that run on Mac and Windows computers, laptops, and tablets, web-based versions that are accessible in the browser, and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

They use very little power and very small amounts of data as the only pole when they are pushed too, so you might not even notice you have one installed on your mobile – and your battery usage stays low.

Employees who work from home or frequently travel to clients sites will be able to take their business phones with them. From a client’s office, hotel room, or even a coffee shop, they can simply open their laptop/tablet and they are ready to go. Using the softphone, answering incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls, just as if they were sitting at their desks using a physical phone.

Keep your Personal Mobile Numbers – Personal
Since softphones connect to a cloud phone system over the Internet, they are simply offsite devices of that phone system. Employees who are on the road can use them to answer work calls on their smartphones while keeping their personal mobile numbers private. And since the call occurs over the Internet (in other words, over a data connection VOIP), employees won’t be using up their mobile phone calling plan. All your mobile calls as they are on your VOIP system are also recorded and tracked – so call stats can still be pulled as and when you need them.

The Future of Business Phones
In this dynamic, changing and open work environment, it’s critical that employers provide their employees with right technology that will help them remain productive while away from their desks.

A mix of Desk, Mobile and Softphone will exist for along time yet – but make sure you choose what works for you – don’t get chained to your desk!

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