So many lines!! Lift Lines, Alarm Lines, Temporary Building Lines, Machinery Lines …

As the PSTN network and standard lines come to their end-of-life and Openreach  turn them all off by 2025 at the latest, we look back at the many places you would find a standard telephone line.

Lifts – Telephone Line separate from any system in the building
It is always the safest method of communication. If a lift user is trapped, injured or caught in a lift, how can they gain help? A mobile phone may not work in the environment they are in (metal box, concrete casing), so ensuring that you provide a suitable alternative is vital. With a Lift Line which is independent from any building telephone system or network, you can be assured that an emergency call can always be made – even if there is a power cut. There are various laws under Health and Safety and building owners responsibilities that require you to have an emergency response system within a building lift and a telephone line is normally the answer.

Alarm Line / Fire Safety
Over 900,000 UK security systems still use a standard telephone line to alert the building owners or police of an issue. Many are SIM based today but the outstanding older systems are still a major part of the telephone network.

There are also Fire Safety systems too that connect using your PSTN and when it comes to saving lives and property – upgrading this should be your first priority.

Temporary Buildings
Previously for temporary buildings such as a construction site or temporary office the need to install a telephone line was essential and also tricky! As an unbuilt property does not have a verified gold key address Openreach did not recognise it, so no line. Saecom have installed hundreds of these temporary lines due to our experience with the Post Office and Openreach but now with 4G / 5G available in most areas, these lines are becoming less important.

Manufacturing Equipment
Believe it or not, there are thousands of pieces of kit out there manufacturing in the UK that need a telephone line connected to them. By now you would expect a CAT5/6 connection to be used but many cannot be upgraded so require a standard telephone line to dial out if there is a problem with it, or needs to order spares or accessories. This was common in the 80s and 90s but today’s modern machinery is of course mainly IP based.

Saecom are able to provide communication and telephone solutions for all business. We can connect your remote location, alarms, manufacturing plants and temporary buildings – we ensure you stay connected. Call us on 01792 654000 and book your free telecom review today.


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