Keeping your business critical systems online is easy with Saecom

Are you a PANIC and fix it, or plan it and relax kind of person? Well what would happen right now, if your internet connection went off? How quickly would your provider react to help you get back online and working again?

If you have no internet connection it feels as if the world is going to end. With our whole life’s both business and private almost 100% online, ensuring we stay connected is essential.

Businesses that run mission critical system such as VOIP Telephone systems, CRM booking systems, Guest WiFi etc have to ensure that if,  your broadband goes down, your business does not suffer.

While you could install a secondary connection, this won’t necessarily save you if roadworks sever the BT cable between your business and the exchange or you are not even able to get one due to cabinet being full or slow speeds as distance from the exchange is too far.

As a Business to Business Telecom provider based in Swansea, Wales, Saecom have the perfect solution for internet connectivity 24 x 7 x 365.

Saecom will install for you a 4G LTE Router and 4G mobile access. We can set your broadband connection to automatically switch or failover to 4G (LTE) networks when the main connection is lost. You never have to worry again about being offline.

From as little as 80p a day! Yes less than a Mars Bar… We can provide you with business continuity and internet connection to keep your critical systems running. If you don’t have this in place – what do you have?

This type of 4G setup is ideal for:

  • Backup to your primary Internet feed (FTTC, FTTP, ADSL, Leased Line.)
  • Providing lower cost broadband than a fixed line solution
  • Areas without fixed line broadband access but have a Leased Line
  • Temporary locations/mobile homes
  • Locations on the move; coaches, trains
  • Fairgrounds and temporary exhibitions
  • Outdoor locations

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