ISDN scrappage scheme. Upgrade to VOIP with Saecom and get up-to £1000

Upgrade your old phone system to VOIP with Saecom and get up-to £1000.

Did you know… there are over 1 Million ISDN systems still active in the UK, and these have to be replaced by 2025 – at the latest!

Saecom are giving you up-to £1000 for your old ISDN system when you upgrade to VOIP.

Openreach are phasing out old ISDN lines – this is not a drill – it is happening as you read this.

The Saecom Scrappage Scheme allows businesses with out-dated telephony equipment to upgrade to the future proof VOIP or internet calling service that will revolutionise the way you work.

Why upgrade to VOIP?
• Free Local, National and Mobile Calls – save £££ on your current bill
• Free 90 day call recording
• Free Voice-mail to Email
• Free IP Desk Handset
• Free PC Softphone solution – Work from home!
• Mobile Application to make and receive business calls on the go.
• CRM Integration with the latest cloud based tools
• Sits on your existing computer network

How do I qualify?
Do you have the words ISDN, ISDN 2 or ISDN 30 on your telephone bill?
Then you qualify!

Book your free review here, with our team today, upgrade to VOIP and get up-to £1000 for your old system.

for all new quotes from 22/02/21 onwards. Open to existing and new customers.
Applies to new VOIP upgrades installed before June 2021 only.
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