ISDN & PSTN – What is all going on … a quick guide

ISDN / PSTN – What is all the fuss about?

You will hear so much bluff, confusion and mis-information on the internet that it almost makes you turn off and bury your head in the sand….. but hang on a minute.

When there is the biggest change in history going on since the creation of the telephone network you need to listen and at least ensure that your business is ready for the change and will not be adversely effected.

Openreach or BT to you, are now turning off ISDN and PSTN lines – so what I hear you say?
Well this is BIG, BIGGER than BIG – it means all, yes all your standard telephone lines, business lines and home lines are going!! ?, going.  To make the UK one of the world leaders in telecommunications and future business ready, billions is being invested in updating the network to IP or internet protocols.

This means that your ISDN, PSTN, FTTC and ADSL lines and services will be no more by 2025.

So what is going in it’s place?
With the fibre roll out now at pace, Openreach are already turning off ISDN circuits (they ran your telephone system) and there is a stop order at many exchanges across the UK too – so moving to VOIP negates this. With PSTN lines (standard phone line), this too is changing and soon all connections will be SOGEA (replacing your FTTC/ADSL and phone line) and over a SOGEA line your can run a VOIP handset.

What can I do as a business?
Be aware is the first thing. What do you have in place? What could change? What effects WILL it have on your business? For some it will be minimal, for others it will be a major change – so planning and delivering this over a timescale rather than being rushed into it is the best way forward.

Saecom, provide free telecom reviews, to help you understand a) what you have got b) what you need and c) more importantly what you need for the future of your business.

The switch over to VOIP as it is now called, brings an plethora of benefits and costs saving to many. Yes, this new dawn in communications may seem as if the world is ending – but no, this ground breaking change now gives you total control over the direct of your business telephone services and WILL enable you to integrate into your work systems like never before.

We are agile working, so why not integrate your phone system with your MS Teams? Why not have your CRM updated automatically after every call, Why not have your calls recorded to provide your professional protection and customer assurance , Why not have FREE CALLS!!

The case, is set, the work is in action – this WILL effect you, so make sure you are ready and take action before it’s too late.

Book your free review today and see how VOIP will allow you to your business into the future.

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