Installing an FTTP Circuit into your Office or Business Premises

We would like to show you and explain how an FTTP internet connection gets installed in your business property.

With ADSL and FTTC being phased out and the adoption of SOGEA and FTTP in full swing – this shows you exactly what goes into your new super-fast connection.

The Job.
A customer in Swansea, Wales was using a temporary 4G dongle that we provided as only a slow and unreliable ADSL service was available until now (Feb 2021).

The Location

This is a typical installation for a first floor office with a flat-roof.

The Process
From placing your order for FTTP with Saecom, it normally takes around 3-4 weeks to have this installed, but with the advent of more and more users working from home, lead times in some areas are over 10 weeks or more.

Your installation team will first come to site to ascertain what / if any additional installation is needed. In this case, the engineer needed a flat-roof specialist, but as none where available, yet a Cherry picker (high reach) operator was – this was used on the installation.

From the nearest available Telegraph Pole, a connection was made from the Fibre Box joint on the pole and a new fibre cable connected. This was then piped into the premises and to the installation point already established.

At the installation point, the fibre cable was spliced and terminated into the Internal receiving interface.

It was then commissioned on the street cabinet and at the local exchange to provide the service that was ordered – this fibre had 330/50 speeds applied.

A final end user test was made, and completed by the Engineer. We then connected our customers new FTTP router to the fibre circuit and their computer network.

The final part was to run an internal speed test on the service from a connected device.

The outcome
Our customer now has a superfast and resilient internet connection to run the business systems and VOIP telephone services through. With 10 employees on site – bandwidth is no longer an issue and all staff can surf and use the internet to advantage of the business and customers alike.

To order your FTTP superfast internet connection, just click here and book your meeting with one of our connection specialist.

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