The integration of VOIP Telephony into your business carries with it the ability to not only improve call management – but data management too.  CRM or customer relationship management systems have gone through a boom time over the past 5+ years and ensuring your VOIP system integrates is vital for dynamic business growth.

Integrating into your CRM from Hubspot or Salesforce to Pipedrive, Zoho and beyond…  here are some ways, that integrating your systems can help your .:

Improves your efficiency
By adding your communications component into your CRM, your team would no longer have to move from the CRM to the phone soft-client app to make or receive calls. And in addition, you can also set it up where customer details automatically pop up whenever they call – Screen Pop.

This really saves time and effort looking for the customer’s profile/records and pull it from the system.

And let us not forget outgoing calls. Instead of having employees dial the numbers into your phone app, you can also set it up where phone numbers within the CRM are clickable via the click-to-call feature. Not only does it make dialling faster, but it also reduces mis-dial occurrence because it removes the finger dialling element of the process.

Easier tracking
Sometimes, the most important pieces of information are the ones that are not being tracked. That includes information on who talked to whom in a business, when and about what. It also helps you to track which member of your team last dealt with the customer. This can save a whole chunk of time during your busy working day – not have to chasing colleagues for answers.

Personalise your Customer Service
You can set up your system so that when a customer calls, his or her customer profile will pop up and be accessed by the employee connected. And this saves the employee the time and effort to search, and access the customer’s profile, which also translates to more time to provide even greater customer care.

By having all your communication channels, including social media, email, chat, and issue ticketing systems linked to the CRM, you can achieve a seamless flow of information where all communications from the customer can be accessed through one account.

Improves team performance
Having a record and controlled call data, you get more opportunities to improve and refine your teams’ skill sets to better serve your customers. Not just from the call recordings but also from the call handling and time spent on calls and to which customers. Staff appraisals are easier, sharing best practice is easier and reviewing calls can improve how you communicate with your customers.

And overall…….
This is all about saving you time, increasing your work flow and job throughput. Allowing you to do more with less and creating an environment for scalable growth.  If your VOIP system cannot integrate with your CRM – then it’s time to contact Saecom – 01792 654000


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