From June 2020, Openreach have announced that you only have 12 months left with your current PSTN lines in over 118 exchanges in the UK including Wales.

This is due to the rollout of FTTP in the areas and full-fibre circuits that will be available.

Here is a list of those Welsh Exchanges that will be first:
Whitchurch – Cardiff
Mayals – Swansea
Swansea – Swansea
Bonvilston – Vale of Glamorgan
Sully- Vale of Glamorgan
Tudweiliog – Gwynedd
Bontddu – Gwynedd

Your replacement will be a SOGEA or FTTP internet connection and then a VOIP service to receive or make those all-important calls.

You need to look at how this will affect your business or premises ( see our Blog ). With analogue lines still being used for Alarm Lines, Lift Lines, Machinery etc, having the right replacement in place is essential before the turn off and any potential loss of service.

Saecom, are the leading Welsh VOIP experts and can advise you on your best options, migrate your services across to VOIP and take all the stress and worry away.

If you would like to arrange a free review of your PSTN network, please click here or call us on 01792 654000

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