How can your Solicitors Practice take advantage of VOIP technology

You may think that a VOIP telephone system – is a VOIP telephone system. Well maybe, but every industry that uses one, all have their own particular needs, demands and qwerks.

As much as clear communication in written form is vital, audio is also just as crucial, especially when giving advice to a client over the phone – every word needs to be heard clearly and correctly.  Solicitors like most professions who provide advice over the phone such as Financial Companies, Banks, and IFAs need to ensure they have the right telephone systems in place to do this.

So how can a Solicitors Practice / Firm take advantage of VOIP technology
Compared to the old traditional onsite ISDN PBX phone system, VOIP calling can offer enhanced benefits in terms of costs, remote working and flexibility.
These are just a few reasons why you need to upgrade your ISDN to VOIP in your law practice – NOW!

Reduce those telecom costs
The first and biggest reason why you would install a VOIP phone system is as a cost-reduction strategy. Most businesses agree, that using a VOIP telephone is far cheaper than using a traditional PBX system. VOIP provides free local, national and mobile calls – so take a look at your bill and see what you will save!

Quick and Easy installation
Whilst VOIP may sound like complicated technology, it is actually very simple to set up. Your numbers are ported to Cloud and your handsets are just connected to your works or home computer network – as long as they are internet enabled – they are online and ready to use!

Anywhere, anytime
Portability and flexibility, is a key differentiator with VOIP. You can have your desk phone, a mobile app and a desktop programme to make and receive calls on your PC/Laptop. With this range of offerings and homeworking now being the norm for over 55% of previous office-based teams – this is a real game changer for controlling your calls.

Extra features – for free
That traditional phone system would normally need upgrade after upgrade, to do the most basics things…. With VOIP you get a whole host of features as standard and free including:  Call Recording, Voice mail to Email, Auto Attendant, Each Handset is a line so 10 handsets = 10 lines to make and receive more calls, Mobile Forwarding, Hot Desking the list goes on!

This is important – Secure communications
One of the VOIP features that is most transformative for a solicitor / law firm is security encryption. With VOIP, you can set all your calls to be encrypted and prevent anyone from listening in on your conversations. At a time where criminal activity is always looking for new ways to compromise company infrastructure, and all communications not just email, or written, but spoken,x also. Since GDPR was implemented, encrypted calls are even more important than ever for protecting clients’ personal data – and in turn, maintaining the company’s reputation.

Future-proof with VOIP
Legal landscapes are forever changing, and so is technology. This means that any system that cannot adapt and be fully scalable for example ISDN ?or of course is ISDN will become redundant by 2025 at the latest. Traditional phones have developed little in comparison to internet software and hardware but with VOIP, which is responsive to advancements in IP technology, that will help boost business productivity now and into the future.

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