Call recording saved my business! It can save yours too.

Recorded calls can save your business. It’s true. If you provide professional advice, support or guidance over the telephone including your mobile – what protection do you have?

What if the person you are advising mishears you – or does something other than your advice and then tries to blame you?

Protect your professional standing and company with the simplest of tools – Call recording.

Saecom provide full call recording across all your VOIP devices. Deskphone, Softphone AND unlike most VOIP providers on your Mobile Application too – so we ensure that whenever you speak with a customer – that all calls are recorded and you are protected.

VOIP call recording is now seen as an essential for Financial Advisers, IFA, Solicitors, Accountants and any business who provides guidance and advice over the phone.

You must ensure that you have told you caller that calls are recorded, and then you can be safe in the knowledge that if you ever need to use that call recording to defend your position, you can.

Most call recordings are used to help a business develop, learn and improve their customer service offering, support systems and overall business improvement – but when you need it, that call recording could save your business.

Take payments over the phone? Need to keep some calls private and not recorded? No problem. With a click of a button you can stop the call recording and resume when you are ready – with VOIP from Saecom, it is that easy. Make sure your calls are recorded with Saecom VOIP.

Based in Swansea, Wales. Saecom are the leading business VOIP provider and provide the full range of business telecoms needs. Book your free review today HERE or call 01792 654000





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