Buying your next home – What is the internet connection in the area?

As a B2B supplier our work with business locations does not always bring us into the home market. But with more and more agile working and business owners having a home office, we ensure that we can deliver their needs either line or air based. Here is a great article from ISP review on the state of the new build market.

The latest H1 2021 study of UK broadband coverage in new build homes has indicated that 92.8% of houses constructed during the first half of this year were connected to a “full fibre” (FTTP) ISP network (up from 90% in H2 2020), which rises to 98.6% for 30Mbps+ “superfast broadband” services (up from 98.3%).

The situation, as revealed by Thinkbroadband‘s latest independent model (examination of new build postcodes), is clearly improving, but we’d always recommend that those purchasing a new build home get the property developer to confirm, in writing, what kind of broadband connectivity you can expect to receive before handing over any money. On top of that, it’s worth trying to identify the fibre supplier and asking them directly.

Most large home builders (e.g. Home Builders Federation) have already entered into partnerships with operators (Openreach, Virgin Media and various altnet ISPs) to better facilitate the roll-out of fibre broadband technologies. Openreach has also made it even cheaper to deploy their FTTP network into some of the smallest developments (here). On top of that, new rules are coming to make all of this a requirement.

Despite this, some property developers still say that deploying full fibre services can, in some areas, be prohibitively expensive (e.g. remote rural locations), although this hasn’t always stopped many of those same companies from raking in big annual profits. Nevertheless, more and more new homes are arriving with full fibre availability as standard, and the impact of this is pretty clear.

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