Here are 5 reasons why you need to look at your VOIP again….

Not all VOIP providers are the same. Here are ‘5’ reasons why you need to look at your VOIP again….

VOIP has been widely available for over 20 years and like all technologies it develops, is refined and new features are added… so is your VOIP fit for purpose?

With so many business changes over the past 18 months, you might have found that your current VOIP platform is not as flexible or feature rich as you need, and this is where Saecom can help.

1) Flexibility
Does your VOIP work anywhere? With team members changing their working to agile patterns, ensuring that you can provide connectivity not just from a desk phone but from their PC/MAC/Laptop or Mobile phone is essential. Can yours do that at no extra cost?

2) Costs and addons
Every time you need something new, such as a Softphone User, CRM access or click to dial, does your current provider charge you to add these in AND additional monthly costs? Your VOIP provider should include all these as part of your package and more such as MS Team integration and Call Metrics.

3) Industry needs and changes
Over the past 20 years, changes in all industries and sectors have meant legal obligations have shifted and needs in terms of not just call recoding but also call reporting too. If you provide advice over the phone, recording those calls protects you and your customers but with more working being done over mobile apps, does your system record them too? I thought not!

4) Connection requirements
VOIP used to be very needy in its internet connection consumption. A business may have to have a separate internet connection just for their phones or even a leased line to run their business needs and telephone requirements. With our VOIP platforms, all calls are 100kb in size on the upload/download channels and we can introduce QoS (quality of service) to ensure that your calls are always handled correctly on your network and internet users too can still surf.

5) Platform Infrastructure, Security, Stability and Delivery
We only work with World Class VOIP providers, all with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 for hosting and business continuity meaning, that your in safe hands. We also ensure full loading balancing across our servers so that traffic is lightly loaded and shaped to fit.

Above all, and like any business service or process, you should ensure that you review regularly, and is it working to help the business – or hinder it!

If your VOIP platform is holding you back – then book your free, no obligation review with us, and see the difference, with Saecom.

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