The 3 biggest reasons people hang up when trying to get through to a business or venue?

They hate answer machines, auto attendant ( press 1 for sales, 2 for parts) and even more holding on for ages……
So why do so many companies let their customers suffer like this?

Most do it so that you hang up! Yes that’s right – if you have a problem or complaint most will hope you just go away. Others do it, to give you time to calm down (especially on a complaints line) but most of the time – that just makes it worse!

So, let’s take the higher ground and sort this out – how? with VOIP.

Be the best, and provide customer service, that is just that, customer service. Provide a dedicated line for each of your core services. Not only will it improve your customer’s experience but it will also make them feel valued, and the benefits for you are total control of the call flow with easier to manage call distribution.

With a VOIP platform from Saecom, you can have any number of direct dial numbers go through straight to the people your customers need to speak with, no faff and no hassle.

Help your business grow with customer service that you would be proud of – with VOIP direct call routing.

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