What is G.Fast?
G.Fast is the latest ultrafast broadband technology – it is the next level up from superfast fibre broadband (FTTC)! The great thing about G.Fast is that it uses existing infrastructure and gets high speeds from just a regular copper wire. This means that G.Fast can take over where there is currently ADSL or standard FTTC.

“G.Fast technology builds on our existing infrastructure and changes the way we transmit broadband signals to make them ultrafast without the need to install new cabling all the way to a property. G.Fast works by running a fibre from the telephone exchange to the fibre street cabinet – a side pod is bolted to the street cabinet and new electronics provides a more powerful signal that then travels over existing copper lines into the home or business.” – Openreach

How fast is G.Fast?
G.Fast provides download speeds of up to 330Mbps – more than 10 times the UK national average! Downloading a typical HD film can only take a matter of seconds. Tasks such as browsing the internet, downloading files, online banking, video conferencing and streaming is especially effective with G.Fast. At Saecom HQ, our team enjoy the silky-smooth speeds of G.Fast and our Director Stephen Evans describes the new G.Fast technology as “the best yet”!

The business benefits of G.Fast
– Ultrafast internet speeds significantly enhance employee productivity and efficiency.
– Low stress levels because there is no suffering of slow internet and buffering, which is especially effective when you have tight deadlines.
– Fast broadband supports multiple users and devices so you can have multiple people using the internet at the same time.
– Better communications both internally within the business and with clients.
– Modern technologies are more reliable than old.
– Effective for video/audio conferencing, streaming videos, downloading files, internet browsing etc.

Staying on top of modern technology is vital for any company to become more efficient and stay relevant in your industry. The TechHub in Swansea has experienced this since they recently moved to G.Fast broadband. In this video, the CEO of TechHub explains how G.Fast has helped grow the business and says that “G.Fast is pretty amazing, we’ve got 300Mbps download!”

How to get started with G.Fast
If you would like to find out if G.Fast is available in your area, please get in touch with a member of our team by calling us on 01792 654000 or email hello@saecom.co.uk

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