Going on holiday this summer? Here’s what you need to know..
It’s that time of year again where schools have broken up for the summer and we’ve got holidays booked. Here at Saecom, we’ve put together some top tips to help you keep your mobile costs down over the holidays, as well as how to make sure your business faces minimal disruption whilst you’re away. If you’re someone who likes to have things organised, this blog post is for you!

Tips for saving money on your mobile phone bill whilst travelling:

1. Know the roaming charges. If you’re on the EE network, check out this handy tool to find out the charges for the country you’re travelling to here.

2. Be careful when using mobile data abroad. Try and use Wi-Fi connections when you can.

3. Avoid calling expensive premium or unknown numbers. Stick to answering business calls and family/friends only.

4. Keep text messages short as long texts can cost you more.

5. Keep an eye on your usage – tip: try not to use google maps too much to navigate your way around as it eats up your data, use a screenshot of a map so that you stay offline.

6. Turn off automatic updates. You don’t need to update your mobile’s software or apps whilst on holiday and it just uses up your data and battery.

7. Pack a portable battery charger. Particularly for long journeys and travelling, you don’t know when you’ll next be able to find a charging station.

8. Get a business mobile! A business mobile is a fundamental device for when you are out of the office and away. Not only can you can get your incoming office calls diverted to your mobile, you can also use for email communications and other work essentials.

What if I don’t have a business mobile?
We can sort that out for you too! With a business mobile, you can access your work emails, office phone calls, messages and internet all on one device. Whether you are looking for the latest phones on a shared minute bundle for your business or an unlimited tariff for individual users, we have all the options covered.

What handsets are available through Saecom?
That’s up to you. Let us know what handset catches your eye and we will find the best deal for you.

What plans are available? 
Various, including plans that include unlimited calls & texts.

How much will I be charged whilst I’m on holiday?
Since 15th June 2017, all UK mobile operators are not allowed to charge extra for data roaming throughout the EU. This means that your regular allowance of calls, texts and data won’t cost more no matter where you are in Europe. However, if you exceed your standard plan you will still be charged for going over.
If you’re still unsure, take a look at this.

What if my current plan doesn’t include roaming abroad?
To find out whether your Saecom mobile includes roaming services, simply get in touch with us before you go on holiday. You’re welcome to call us on 01792 654000 or email us at hello@saecom.co.uk.
If you’re a current Saecom mobile customer on the EE network, you may already be set up for roaming. To make sure, EE suggest that you text ROAMING to 150 before you travel.

How do I get a business mobile / what is the process?
All you need to do is tell us the handset(s) or deal(s) that interest you and we will evaluate the best options for you and your business. Let us know of any additional requirements such as the quantity of handsets needed, your business’s budget or special features that are required.
Click here for more information about Saecom Mobile.

Any further questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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