As the director of Saecom, Stephen has put together a great list of all his favourite tech and gadgets. These are essential whether you work from home, are out and about or in the office, as they enhance your productivity and project management.


“Having an iPad means that I can work when I am out & about visiting clients. Whilst you can do many things on it that an iPhone can do, the larger screen size is much more useful and practical for browsing the internet and accessing emails. It also doubles up as a home device for shopping online and everyday use. The screen size is also great for watching TV and films, whilst not having the weight of a computer. It can do everything that a laptop does but in a more portable device.”
Price: From £339
Where to buy: Apple

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

“For such a small device, the sound quality is superb. This Bose Soundlink Speaker is great for use around the house or on the go too – especially in the garden. Its wireless system makes it super easy to carry around without any wires getting in the way.”
Price: £149.95
Where to buy: Amazon

Portable hard drive – Seagate 3tb

“Not enough storage space on your computer or mobile phone? We all need somewhere to store those holiday photos that are taking up storage space on devices. With this 3tb drive you can store pretty much anything on it- from documents and files to music and films. It may seem pricey for such a small piece of kit, but the smooth finish and incredible storage space is worth the cost!”
Price: £99.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2

“You’ve probably already heard about the latest Fitbit watches. They can actually do much more than just measure your activity level. Features include: fitness level, activity tracking, sleep tracking and pulse monitor. The fitbit comes with an adjustable strap and a hi-res tap display. One of the best features is that your fitbit will display your smart phone notifications so you always know when you have received a text or if someone is calling you. My favourite aspect of the fitbit is being able to track fitness activity, for example – if you go for a run, it can time the run, track your distance and map your route, and there’s no need to take your phone with you!”
Price: £109.99
Where to buy: Fitbit


“If you are looking to buy a new phone or generally upgrade to a newer model, then I would definitely recommend the iPhone. Nowadays, we all carry a mobile phone and not just for calling people – email access, messages, apps, Siri (voice command assistance), camera. If you’re out and about, you can use the hotspot on mobile phone to provide internet access to other devices when needed.”
Price: Dependent on handset & tariff.
Where to buy: Saecom

Portable power Bank anker

“If you’re regularly travelling or do a lot of commuting, a portable power bank is what you need. Whilst there are plenty of cheap power banks around these days, for a couple extra quid, this power bank can charge an iPhone 6s almost 6 times! The Anker power bank is known for its high speed efficient charging and slim, lightweight design.
Price: £20.99
Where to buy: Amazon

Selfie/Photo light for mobile phone

“Okay, trust me on this one! Instead of using the flash on your phone, get a selfie light for enhanced lighting. It comes in handy for taking photos at night and when there is little light or you just want your skin to glow a bit in selfies!”
Price: From £3
Where to buy: Amazon or various retail stores.

Durable phone case 

“No need to worry about dropping your iPhone if you have a durable phone case. I find that the cases that work best to protect your phone from damages are the silicone/rubber ones. There’s always a wide selection of phone cases and mobile accessories in the shop Tiger at reasonable prices. As pictured above, mine is a simple clear rubber phone case, what more is there to say?!”
Price: £1-2
Where to buy: Tiger (in store range)

Do you know of any more nifty gadgets and technology? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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