What We Learned From Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

It was fantastic seeing so much positive awareness and understanding on social media last week for Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May).

Here’s a little roundup of what we learned throughout the week..

1. There are so many different aspects to mental health

Hearing from individuals telling their stories and own experiences of mental health problems, we have learnt more about how such issues can affect each person in different ways. From Seasonal Affective Disorder to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), everyone experiences and deals with it differently and that’s okay.
Mind and Mental Health Foundation have some great online resources and information!

2. Social media and digital technology plays a key role in spreading awareness

With the likes of social media, blogs, online forums and YouTube, people have been sharing their own stories about their mental health issues and supporting each other online. From mobile apps to virtual reality, digital technology has proved to be successful in educating and informing people.
You can join in the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

3. Digital inclusion has a positive impact on mental health

Studies have shown how technology can have a positive impact on people’s well-being. Specifically in older people, technology can combat isolation and loneliness by connecting people within their community and wider world. Digital inclusion enables individuals to learn about other people’s experiences of mental health problems, share their own stories and connect with new people throughout online social network sites.

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4. Mental health exists in the workplace too

We all know how we much prefer to send an email to a colleague or a text to a friend rather than speak to them over the phone. In modern society, we have a wide range of technologies that provide us with various means of communication. Perhaps writing a blog post or tweet is easier for us to explain how we feel because we can edit the text before posting it. You may also find that conversations over the phone are a bit daunting, however, phone calls allow for quicker conversations and therefore; higher productivity and improved communications. Luckily, business can be done over the phone, internet, email, mobile, text or face-to-face to accommodate our personal preferences.

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